Dust Project
[31°12’01.0” N 121°29’47.5” E]

A new type of brick made from dust is tested, planned to be the material to build a monument of the city...

May 21, 2021

Jin collected dust from site [31°12’01.0” N  121°29’47.5” E], an unfurnished roughcast space on the third floor of a commercial building in Shanghai, China. Mixing the dust with water, nine bricks were made.  They are tested, at this stage, firm enough to construct low walls and bear a certain amount of weight. Due to the variety of dust components from assorted sites, more samples of dust will be collected to examine its potential for brick-making. [read more...]

site-specific installation

dust from the site, water

A brick made of mere dust from the site, without water or any other component to cast it to stay in form, presented on a plinth. The course of the event is recorded - from pressing the dust into a brick, and as the time goes, it was blown to a pile of dust again.

dust project (excerpt)

video, 34''