December 20, 2018

The authority has implemented a program on the famous depleted Waterfall in north-east area of Ou Topos - tourists can now visit the Waterfall without buying tickets, but in return, they become the workers to re-activate the natural attraction through the tour of getting the view of “nature”.

Waterfall (2018) trailer

This work examines the relationship between human and non-human environment, which is, in this case, how tourism shapes people's conception of the natural landscape. The presence of mechanical and repetitive human activities (i.e. ships and tourists), which have effetely become part of the natural attraction, challenge the distinction between natural landscape (e.g. waterfall) and humanly constructed landscape (e.g. theme park). In this situation, which may resemble the idea of zoo, “natural” attractions become a socially constructed concept as a place where people can experience the sublimeness and wildness of what they perceive as natural. Given context, the work would like to explore the concept of the “alternative" nature - as artificial nature / tamed nature.

video installation

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